Kömmerling 76

Double seal system with 76 mm installation depth
The new trendsetting double seal system Kömmerling 76 is a significant new development for a window system that is as competitive as it is pioneering.
Besides outstanding insulating values, slender profile sight lines, and enhanced static properties, it also exhibits technical properties that previously were attained only by systems with considerably greater installation depths.
In addition, Kömmerling 76 features the so called upgrade technologies that offer a wide range for individual freedom of design, e.g. colour variations, aluminium composite systems, ventilation solutions, and insulating and bonding facilities.
• Thermal insulation value in standard windows of Uf = 1.1 W/(m²K)
• The 76 mm installation depth is ideal for restorations and new buildings
• It can take functional glazing with panes up to 48 mm thick
• Sound insulation value up to 47 dB
• The combination of sash and outer frame presents a slender sight line as small as 108 mm
• The combination of sash and astragal presents a slender sight line as small as 126 mm


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